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To Stage or Not to Stage?

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So many real estate agents today advise their clients to stage their home in preparation for the sale. But the truth is that while it may work in some cases, we believe it is not necessary most of the time.

Video is Taking Over Traditional Methods
With staging being more of a traditional form of preparing for a sale, we feel that it is far more valuable to put resources toward a good, high quality video that creates an experience for the buyer.

We recorded today’s video from one of our listings. And once you have seen the video tour of this property you will immediately see that photographic images or stills do not nearly do enough justice to a property as a full-on 360-degree video tour. Now, here again we are not talking about posting a series of photos and making a slideshow video out of them. We are referring to a full-blown tour of the property, showing its amenities and highlighting all areas and spaces to be shown.

Using a video camera by capturing moving images of each room and how they relate to one another in the space is just one of the many advantages of doing a video property tour. Not only does it give the prospective buyer a better viewpoint of the entire space but it also allows them to see additional features such as the depth of a space or the outside view.

See How Video Captures Buyers’ Attention
Being able to see the entire floor plan as well as other amenities as they relate to the overall space is a fantastic benefit for buyers. Also, the cost of video is far more manageable than what it costs to stage a home. And the process is much less time-consuming. Here is the video tour of the property from where we have recorded our video today. Notice how a viewer instantly gets a feel for the property from the outside, leading in. They get to experience the walk down the hall, stop by to visit the recreation center and get a great view of the pool – LIVE.

Once in the living space, they are able to see the openness of the area and also how each area relates to the outside view. After watching this video, the visitor gets a fairly good sense of the property and all within a matter of minutes.
If you would like to have your property showcased in an exclusive video tour, contact us today so we can put together the video and share the rest of our marketing plan with you. And remember, you can also listen to us every Saturday morning on AM830 KHVH for the Lally Real Estate Show from 11am to Noon.  We look forward to meeting with you soon!