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Our Secret to Getting Your Home SOLD!

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Nothing is more frustrating for a seller than to have their home on the market only for it to sit there for way too long. Well when it comes to selling homes, Team Lally has an extensive, well thought-out plan that delivers results and we have the proven track record to show for it with over 100 homes sold in a year!

Here are our top suggestions that are a part of our exclusive Certified Pre-Owned Marketing Plan – you don’t want to miss these...

This is probably one of the most prevalent concerns we see in many homes that are unable to sell. Think about it. If you walked through a home and were considering purchasing it, wouldn’t you want to be able to see it for its amenities and features? The process of de-cluttering, while time consuming and at times frustrating, is absolutely necessary before you list your home. Try to remove about one third of the extra stuff lying around, exposing the home and allowing buyers to visualize living there.

A great way to generate increased interest in buyers is to remove most traces of your own life from the space. While it’s good to show the “livability” of the home, too much can deter buyers from being able to see the space as their own. Remove excess family photos, personal items from the mantle and clear off the fridge. Buyers are attracted to clean, open, clear spaces with a minimalist feel to it. Think: magazine ad. Magazine advertisements usually do not have homes pictured with a plethora of personal items scattered all over the place – rather they are warm and cozy yet appear welcoming in the same way a luxury hotel might make one feel.

Clean and Organize
This is a big one. People tend to underestimate just how distracting walls can be to a buyer if they are not perfect. Try to patch any holes in the wall and even out mismatched paint with a fresh coat in a neutral color. Cleaning your home prior to selling it goes a long way. In fact, hire a professional to shine up your windows, power wash sidewalks, your garage, driveway and other exterior areas. For the inside of the home, be sure to make all fixtures and hardware sparkling clean and pay attention to appliances as well.

Organizing is another big sticking point for buyers trying to see past the homeowners’ lives and imagine themselves in the home. Remove piles of shoes, excess clothing and organizing items in disarray are tools that will allow buyers to see your home in its best light. 

Certified Items
There are some aspects of selling a home that are not done by every seller and some of them are included in our list of Certified Items. Having an appraisal done on the home will allow you an accurate picture of how your home’s price ranks in the current market. A home inspection, though typically done by a buyer, is another great tool we use to get our homes sold. Not only does it boost the buyers’ confidence but also allows you to see in advance what might need attention in the home.

We trust you will find this information helpful and useful in your endeavor to sell your home. For more tips please listen to us on the radio on AM830 from 11am to 12 Noon every Saturday where we share plenty of insight on the Team Lally Radio Show.

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