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Why Go Solar?

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Today everyone is looking for a way to increase their bottom line.  One major expense is energy costs.  No surprise, but energy costs are soaring and there’s no end in sight.  In fact, the cost of powering your home or business has risen approximately 60% since 2000, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.  In Hawaii, residents pay the most in the country for electricity and fuel—three times the national average.  Ouch!  

RevoluSun, a locally owned company, uses a rooftop solar system to generate electricity.  The system makes no noise, requires very little maintenance and is clean for the environment. The company has a lot to offer with a highly skilled workforce of approximately 100 employees who have completed thousands of installations.  Their project managers are NABCEP-certified and their installers are separated into two teams—roofing and electrical—all with at least 450 hours of training before they step foot onto your property.  No other local company can say that so you can trust them to work on your home like the state of Hawaii entrusts them with large-scale projects.  

You can also be sure your project will be done on time and within your budget.  Speaking of your budget, be sure to put the federal tax credits to work, which can put up to 65% of the system’s cost back in your pocket.  No need to wait for tax time. 

Beyond the impressive staff, the company has its roots in Hawaii and is currently expanding to the mainland.  In turn, a lot of solar companies are coming to Hawaii from the mainland to get in on the solar boom.  When the boom is over, however, those companies may be long gone, but RevoluSun is committed to the long-term.  You can count on them!     

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To listen to an interview with Gregg Murphy, Director of Sales for Revolusun, Click Here >>

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