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Why Hire a Real Estate Team?

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You may be asking yourself how you will go about choosing a Realtor® to help you achieve your real estate goals. The truth is that this part of your home buying or selling process is quite possibly one of the most important aspects of the process.

What is the difference between working with an entire team of professionals versus having one agent for all your needs? The answer lies in the following list of benefits you get from choosing to work with a solid team that has years more of combined experience and expertise in specific areas of interest.

Everyone Has an Area of Expertise
Particularly when it comes to marketing, transactions coordination and communications – each person on a team will be devoted and dedicated to doing their part of the job perfectly. This means you won’t have to fish for answers or wait for the single agent to seek out the correct answers anytime you ask them something outside of their comfort zone.

Everything Runs Smoothly and Efficiently
When there is a dedicated team member to handle all transaction coordination, for instance making sure all county requirements are complete or that all inspections are scheduled within the inspection period – you know it will get done. To rely on just one person to handle all of his or her clients’ needs and each step of the process at that – is potentially damaging to your transaction.

Individual Departments Specialize In Specific Transactions
If you are selling your home and a non-client buyer comes in to look at it – it would be important for that client to be able to work with a buyer’s agent. Similarly, you would rightfully expect the utmost level of service and attention to your needs as a home seller.

More Team Members Ensures Less Mistakes
The more complex a situation becomes, the more ideal it is to have a team of professionals to share and bounce ideas. Once again, regardless of whether you are a seller or a buyer – you want the person handling what is likely one of the largest financial transactions of your lifetime – to handle it effectively without any mistakes.

Remember, there are over 400 steps in the home buying and home selling process. If you have one person that is managing all of those steps, the likelihood of something getting overlooked is very high.

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