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Who Was Our Lucky Winner This Quarter?

Aloha! Today we are at one of our listings in Seascape. Take a look at this view! If you’re interested in this listing, check out the link and watch the video tour! 

Click Here for more information about the property

Click Here for the detailed video tour 

Today we are giving away a Kindle Fire!


Once a quarter we take a look at all our clients from Yelp, Zillo, Trulia, Facebook testimonials and of course those of you who sent us referrals! Thank you so much! We take all of you and put your name in a fish bowl. Then, we draw one lucky winner!

Before we draw our winner, though, we wanted to thank everyone who attended our client appreciation party and those of you who made cash donations or brought items to support Women In Need (W.I.N.). If you would like to know more about this great cause, click here to visit their website!

We also wanted to send a huge thank you to all of our sponsors!
We appreciate everything you all do so much!

And now it’s time to find out who are lucky winner is!

Congratulations Ross Amparo!

And remember to listen to the Team Lally radio show every Saturday morning at 11a.m. on AM830 KHVH and to our new Maui Radio Show at 8a.m. 95FM

Thanks and aloha!