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Seven Home Buying Tips

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Looking for and buying a new home can be a headache. With countless resources, though, it’s easy to become an educated buyer. Be confident when making an offer by reading our Home Buying Tip Handbook.

We know that buying your first home, or any home for that matter, is a stressful time.  That’s why we want to share with you seven home buying tips to reduce and eliminate that stress!

1.    Find a good agent. Having an agent you trust and who can communicate effectively with you is the first step in finding your dream home.

2.    Check out prices. Visit websites like www.besthawaiirealestatesearch.com or www.TeamLally.com to find out prices of properties comparable to your dream home.

3.    Get preapproved. You want the seller to know you are a serious and qualified buyer.

If you live in Oahu and want to get preapproved, please visit Hawaii VA Loans or if you live in Maui, you can get preapproved here Axia Home Loans.

4.    Explore your neighborhood. If you find a home you like, find out what’s around: schools, shopping or emergency centers. Visit the home during different times of the day.

5.    Put your best foot forward first. Because we have such a hot market, it’s not unusual for sellers to get multiple offers. To make sure you stand out, make a competitive and fair offer with a list of comparables for support.

6.    Get it inspected. When your offer is accepted, make sure to get your new home inspected by a professional and follow up with any further inspections suggested: termite, structural, etc.

7.    Speak up! After the home buying consultation, don’t be afraid to ask us any questions you may have.

We hope these home buying tips make things easier for you when searching for your dream home! Want more information? Don’t worry we have a whole video series with 20 Things You must Know Absolutely Know About Buying a Home in Hawaii!

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