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Real Steel Dominates and Defeats Wood Yet Again!

Today we are sitting in our beautiful Lauana Kai Listing. It's an ocean front vacation rental here in Kihei Maui.

Deciding to build your home can be overwhelming. There are decisions to make about which type of countertops, which windows are the best, etc.

Well, we hope to make one decision a little easier for you. Did you know that more than 70 percent of the new-home construction in Hawaii uses cold-steel frame studs in place of traditional wooden two x fours?

Hawaii leads the nation in Steel-Framed homes. According to a recent article in the Hawaii Business Magazine by John Stickler, Tim Waite of Hawaii Steel Alliance says there are five major benefits to using steel instead of wood.
  1. Steel has greater tensile strength and therefore needs fewer studs than wood.
  2. Unlike wood, steal does not warp, shrink or rot.
  3. Steel is termite proof and lasts for a long period.
  4. Steel-framed buildings receive better fire ratings.
  5. You can still go green! 66.2 percent of steel is recycled.
Hopefully these five benefits to steel-framed building helps you in your new home-construction!

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