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Mr. Bill Avoids Getting SQUISHED with TeamLallyRentals.com

Aloha everyone! Today, we wanted to show you a sneak peek at how we record our radio show!

Investment properties are a great way to earn money. There’s more to it, though then just finding a tenant and collecting rent every month. As an owner of an investment property, you are now a landlord. Do you know all the codes and regulations of being a landlord?

Did you know that Hawaii law favors the tenant? What does that mean? If circumstances bring you to court, most of the time the tenant is favored, leaving you with all the costs and repairs for damages.

Don’t worry, though. The Team Lally Property Management Team can help you. We have a team of experts to manage your property. Check out our interview with our property manager, Duke KimHan and find out more.

Our Property Management Team does more than just help you take care of the program. We also have our Guaranteed Rent program. If we don’t lease your home in 60 days, we will pay the rent! If you’d like to find out more just visit www.RentGuaranteed.com or give us a call at 455.9223

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