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Avoid a Crazy Hoarder Tenant with a Professional Property Manager

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A lot of people assume that they can buy a property and rent it out with no problem. This, however, is not the case. Just like you need a real estate professional to buy or sell a home, you need a professional to manage your property.

Introducing Duke Kimhan, our Preferred Property Manager

There are a plethora of reasons why you should use Duke Kimhan of Keller Williams Realty, but here are just a few:
  • He will find the right tenant for you by screening all of the candidates. This will include a credit check and a follow up where he contacts all of a tenant's references.
  • He will use his experience to gauge a great tenant from a more troublesome one.
  • His expertise in managing properties effectively helps to preserve the value of your property.
Duke also has an insane guarantee: He promises to rent your property for an agreed amount within 30 days of your decision or he will pay your rent!

Let us repeat that one more time: Duke promises to rent your property for an agreed amount within 30 days of your decision or he will pay your rent!

For more information, visit his website: KellerWilliamsHonoluluPropertyManagement.com or call the rental hotline at 808-445-9223

If you are looking for a property manager, here are some other things that you'll want to see:

  1. The property must be cleaned prior to a move in: This is a fairly basic requirement, but also one that is often not totally taken care of. Having a new tenant complain of a dirty residence is a terrible way for them to become acquainted with a property.
  2. Make a move-in checklist with the tenant: This checklist will expose any damaged or defective parts of a residence when a tenant moves in. This checklist should also be completed a few days after moving in. Then, when they move out, a tenant can be held liable for any damages that occurred during their stay.
  3. Be very responsive to repair requests: Once again, you do not want to anger your tenant. Your property manager should do everything necessary to cater to your tenants' needs, because they are your livelihood. Also, an angry tenant is less likely to pay rent on time, so avoid that unnecessary problem.
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