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Introducing Master Bert Rodriguez

On our latest radio broadcast on AM 830 KHVH on Oahu we had Master Bert Rodriguez with us to talk about his new book: Face Fear, Create Courage. The book tells of his youth, his drug addiction and trafficking, jail, and street encounters with death, and much more. What this book is really about is how we limit ourselves, and how most of our obstacles are really just self-imposed.

He goes over  the methods and system he has used to overcome numerous obstacles and redirect his life to a positive future.

Master Rodriguez has trained members of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, Metro Dade Police Academy, Broward County Sheriff's Office, and numerous individuals in various departments in the US military and armed forces.

He has an extensive background as a counselor and speaker in the fields of positive attitude, self-hypnosis, and personal motivation.

You might be wondering how this ties in to home selling and real estate, but if you listen to this clip you can find out why....