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Team Lally Reviews Gennarro Hawkins

This was my first time buying a home and I was recommended to Team Lally from my broker. Team Lally was actually one of the two names on the entire island that my broker recommended so that was already an accomplishment on their behalf. I actually randomly picked between the two and I think I got lucky because they are the best ones. We’re currently still going through the process right now but so far it’s been great! I have no complaints whatsoever, it’s awesome! I think what sets Team Lally apart is their loyalty. Like I said, it’s my first time buying a home and I feel like my Realtors have been there for me no matter what. They give me the raw facts of what they know and what they didn’t know, they’ve been able to point me in the right direction to get those answers. I always had a ton of questions so I was constantly on the phone with my Realtor. It also just so happened that we happened to be in the same place on Saturdays because my wife plays flag football and my Realtor’s kid plays flag football too. Every time we see her, not one time does she come over and start talking about Realtor stuff. She just comes over and says hi, asks how we’re doing, and sees how the game is going. She keeps business separate and keeps it a family environment and I think that speaks volumes of her. Team Lally is the best place on the island to buy a house! They’re very friendly, they do an awesome job, and they don’t pester you. It’s always catered towards their clients and I’d highly recommend them!

Team Lally Reviews Daryl Fuller

I had a bad situation with a house facing foreclosure and I had exhausted all of my personal resources in trying to find the right real estate agent. I had gone through 3 agents already so I called an expert on the mainland who has a lot of visibility on houses that are in distress and a good perspective nationwide as to which agents are the best for given regions. I was recommended by him to Team Lally and that’s where everything started. A couple things that really stuck out about Team Lally was their ability to preclude me in having to deal with the lenders who had been harassing me on a daily basis and their ability to negotiate a no debt resolution for me. Team Lally really has a client first perspective meaning they have a sense of urgency in dealing with the client and walking them through each step of the process. They have familiarly where the client is not just a number so we don’t have to start from ground zero every time we speak. Their awareness of market trends in the Hawaii region was definitely something that set them apart. My experience with Team Lally had a high level of skill of translating the client’s goals and putting it into a plan that was able to be executed proficiently. Team Lally needs to be your first and last stop for either buying or selling a home. While all Team Lally members went above and beyond to help me, I would like to highlight a few:

Adrienne Lally, President/Team Lally – Simply the best real estate professional I have ever worked with.  Within 36 hours of first contact, she had personally assessed my home and situation, and developed a cogent, strategic plan for presentation, foreclosure avoidance, and best-pricing.  Her knowledge of the Hawaii real estate market is beyond reproach and she repeatedly took the time to answer every question and concern that I had.  As a veteran herself, she offered unique insight on my circumstance and developed a rapport I found with no other real estate agent.  Most importantly, she maintained consistent contact throughout the process via weekly updates, even after I left the islands.  I was never just a number to Adrienne Lally.  If I am ever in the market for a home that falls within her sphere of influence, she will be the first person I call. 

Attilio Leonardi, Vice President/Team Lally – The ultimate protector of client rights.  As a homeowner in default, I was susceptible to daily harassment from lending agencies.  With a deft touch and relentless application of his knowledge of lender/lendee relationships, Attilio was vital in minimizing the stress of my circumstance while facilitating a no-debt short-sale of my property.  Simply stated, if I were a running back, Attilio Leonardi is who I would want blocking for me because a touchdown would be assured.

Howard Nett (RA), Listing and Short Sale Manager/Team Lally – Extraordinarily patient and gifted in processing the multitude of correspondence required for short-selling my house.  A true heavy-lifter, he was able to anticipate requirements far enough in advance, while using state-of-the-art technology, to ensure deadlines were met and paperwork was comprehensively completed.  It’s hard for me to fathom that I was not his only client during this process and his experience in over 600 short-sales showed brilliantly.  Howard Nett’s effort was the key determinant in the no-debt sale of my house.

Duke Kimhan (R), Property Management Specialist/Partner/Team Lally – The most dedicated and decisive property manager I have ever seen.  He treated my property as if it were his own personal property.  Initially, he was able to find mature, responsible renters who would respect the property.  Next, he expeditiously handled every issue (lost keys, malfunctioning appliances, etc.) to both mine and the tenant’s satisfaction.
Finally, using his own creativity and a minimal budget, he repaired and strengthened a broken relationship I had with association responsible for maintenance fees.  Duke Kimhan would be my first choice to manage any property I owned.
In conclusion, Team Lally’s professionalism, integrity, sense of urgency, and attentiveness to my best interests, far exceeded my expectations and gave me a new lease on life.   Team Lally truly exemplifies the team concept, in the same fashion as the New York Yankees or Chicago Bulls teams of the 1990’s.  EVERY MEMBER IS AN ALL- STAR and the best at what they do.  For this, they have my undying gratitude.