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Team Lally is Joined by Steve Rix

team lally

In today's Team Lally radio show, Steve shares the benefits of yachting and sailing. Also, as a former Real Estate guy, he discusses the similarities of Real Estate to yachting and sailing. 

Steve Rix has over 30 years of diverse experience in business. Having worked on "main street" with startup businesses to "wall street" with big corporate America. As a CEO, consultant or business coach, he loves taking on the challenge of making businesses perform better and improving the lives of those with whom he works. Public speaking has always been in his blood and has spoken to thousands of audiences ranging in size from as little as ten and as much as ten thousand. Loving the outdoors brought Steve to the world of owning and operating a scuba store, working with a wilderness company, teaching snow skiing, white water rafting, and his love for being on the water started at 8 years old when he grandfather built his first sailboat for him. Steve loves to insure that when people come on a charter they have one of those magical "memory of a lifetime" experience!