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Meet Brooks Bowman at Team Lally

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Brooks Bowman grew up in Southern California into a family of surfers, baseball, football and basketball players.   

Brooks is considered by his many repeat clients to be an enthusiastic, affable and caring person with a good sense of humor which helps to lighten the intensity levels that are somewhat inherent in the real estate business.  Brooks brought to his career, as a real estate licensee, years of home building and remodeling experience as well as years of experience in various sales capacities. 

In 1997 his start in the real estate industry began as many do, in the mortgage sector of the business.  His position as a loan officer and notary public at that time, gave him the opportunity to grow in experience and knowledge. Shortly thereafter, Brooks earned his real estate license in 1999 and then went on to earning his broker's license in 2003. Along with his wife, he opened a real estate brokerage that same year, and then went on to open a mortgage brokerage in 2004.  

Brooks first experienced the wonders of Hawaii in 1961 as a five year old.  His parents fondly recall that during the visit to the islands, he paddled his inner-tube out one late afternoon to get closer to the surfers in the line-up at Waikiki.  After many trips to all of the main islands over the years, Brooks finally was able to fulfill his lifelong dream by moving to Oahu in 1989.  He often quotes a bumper sticker he once saw which says, "I am not native, but I got here as soon as I could."   

No, Brooks does not get to surf as much as he would like to these days, but he really enjoys the huge personal rewards of making things happen for his real estate clients.  After watching Team Lally's approach to conducting business to the great benefit of the real estate buying and selling public, Brooks decided to join Team Lally as a Listing Partner in the fall of 2015. 

To contact Brooks with your real estate needs, email him at Brooks@TeamLally.com!