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Team Lally with Chris Hogan

A former national champion and all-American football player, Chris Hogan has never backed down from a challenge. But how did he find his way off the gridiron and onto the path of helping others achieve financial peace?

Once his playing days were over, Hogan served as the vice president of a well-respected mortgage company helping clients manage their money and their businesses. In the process, he realized that too many marriages and families were being adversely impacted by financial issues because they could not communicate openly and honestly about money. Hogan realized that the way people were counseled about money had to change. That’s when he met Dave Ramsey.

Today, Hogan helps spread the message of hope and financial peace to audiences across the country. Chris helps people plan for their future and reach their retirement goals through his Retire Inspired Live Events and R:IQ Assessment tool. Hogan works with high profile clients, including business leaders, professional athletes and entertainers, to help them develop financial strategies to generate revenue, protect their wealth, and secure their futures.


They talked about his Retire Inspired book and about his free R:IQ Tool for people to use. He also shared eye-opening stories about people who have not taken the time to plan their retirement. He also talked about Why it is important for people to start planning for retirement now?
He also answered some questions from Adrienne and Attilio about:
Foreword from Dave Ramsey in his book
How he met Dave Ramsey?
Where people can get his book?
He also gave some advice about helping people build the habit of BUDGETING
His perspective as a Financial Planner regarding DEBT
What are common characteristics all high performers share?
What are DISC profiles and how do they help you lead?
Tips about Public speaking
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