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Team Lally Radio Show with Tom Asacker

Attilio and Adrienne have collected Tom Asacker's best selling business books and his latest one "The Business of Belief." Adrienne also had the chance to hear Tom speak. Now, The Team Lally radio show is very lucky to have Tom guest in this episode. Listen in to know the principles of what drives decision making, information flow, branding and beliefs in the world of business and marketing. 

Also in this episode, find out why working with Team Lally is "funner!" How you can join Team Lally's Pumpkin Patch Festival event, plus our tips of the week.

Who is Tom Asacker?
Tom Asacker is a renowned Author and Key-note Speaker and regarded as an Innovator, change agent, provocateur. He has written several business books and has been a key-note speaker sharing innovative business concepts and the approaches based on his marketplace studies. For over 20 years, Tom has inspired and taught major organizations and entrepreneurs. Among these are Procter & Gamble, UPS and G.E.

For more information on Tom, his books and how to invite him as a key-note speaker you can visit his website by clicking here. 

To learn about his latest book "The Business of Belief" and how to purchase a copy  you can visit this page.

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