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Team Lally with Chad Pata

Team Lally was very happy to have Chad Pata as their radio show guest. It was refreshing to hear why he chose to stay in Kapolei city and become the editor of GoKapolei. As you may know Team Lally is based in Kapolei. Chad believes there are so many stories to tell about Kapolei, its deep heritage, history, major changes and notable landmarks. Listen in to know more about Chad and Kapolei, and also how you can share your stories about this fast growing city. As always, Attilio and Adrienne talked about weekly Real estate tips, coming soon listings and contacts who can help you with buying and selling your home.

Who is Chad Pata?

Chad Pata was raised a missionary child and came back to the US in 1987.  He finished high school in Atlanta Georgia. In 1993 he went to Hawaii to visit his sister for one week and has never left since. He then settled in Kapolei in 2002. Chad graduated from UH in 2000 with a degree in journalism and has been the editor of GoKapolei for three years. GoKapolei is a free local magazine that reaches 100,000 Kapolei residents through their distribution points. The articles are what's in and about Kapolei, its history and stories, business establishments and places to visit. These are also available on their website.

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