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Team Lally with Jodie Tanga

You've heard about her and her team Pacific Rim Mortgage on the Team Lally Radio show. It's time to hear more from the Mortgage Genius, Jodie Tanga! Listen in to find out how she earned the title of Mortgage Genius and her honorary title Krispy Kreme queen. Learn what sets Jodie and her team apart in the mortgage industry for eleven years and how they can help you, along with Team Lally, become a homeowner. 

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Who is Jodie Tanga?

Jodie Tanga is the President of Pacific Rim Mortgage and holds the title of Mortgage Genius. She is from Kailua, Hawaii. Finished high school in Iolani School. Went on to University of San Francisco where she studied Financial Economics in under grad and graduate school.She has been in the mortgage industry for eleven years with an awesome track record. Jodie and her team have helped thousands of people achieve their dreams of owning a home. Her mission statement is straight forward: "My mission is to take the stress out of our clients’ home buying experience." Time and again Jodie and Pacific Rim Mortgage have stepped up in providing their clients a stress free journey to becoming homeowners. These were achieved by their consistent educating of consumers and effective coaching. 

Whether you feel you are qualified or not, allow Jodie and her team to put you on the right direction.

For more information on Jodie and Pacific Rim Mortgage, loan programs, guides to financing and refinancing and their client success stories please visit: http://pacrimmtg.com/
You can email Jodie at: jodie@pacrimmtg.com
You can also call Pacific Rim Mortgage at: (808) 488-5510

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