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Team Lally with Janyce Myrland

Do you ever wonder why harps play before Janyce Myrland gives her tips of the week? It's because she gives magical and heaven sent tips! The Team Lally radio is happy to have her again in a full episode sharing her vast knowledge of designs, procedures, documents and requirements in constructing and modeling your home. Have another "edutaining" time with Attilio, Adrienne and Janyce!

Who is Janyce Myrland? 

Janyce Myrland is the President and Designer of Dream House Drafting, Inc. She is also the owner of Permit-Check, LLC. Originally from Bronx, New York, She finished Design and Drafting Technology at New York City College of Technology. After visiting Waianaie, Hawaii in the 80s she contemplated whether to go back to Hawaii and settle down here. Janyce has also added Aging In Place and Green Design certifications to her academic achievements. For over 20 years Janyce has helped countless of homeowners in making the right decisions and putting them in the right path. So if you need the best resource for procedures with permits, government requirements, documents and maximizing your options in designing or redesigning your home in Hawaii, Janyce is your best bet.

Janyce believes that your home should be your castle and she will surely be the angel on your shoulders to make that dream come true!

You can visit her website at: http://dreamhousedrafting.com/
You can email her at: designer@dreamhousedrafting.com 
You can also call her at (808) 206-7107
Her blog: permit-check.com