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Team Lally with PlanSEA.org

Team Lally has always been an advocate of the community's well-being.We are proud and honored to have guests from PlanSEA.org, Ray Hollowell and Patti Mitchell. We invite you to listen in and know more about PlanSEA.org, a non-profit organization that promotes environmental awareness for ourPlanSEA.org's great endeavor. Don't just "Go Green" also "Go Blue!"
oceans through videos and documentaries. You can also find out how you can contribute and be part of 
Also in this episode: How to be part of Teamlaly at jointeamlally.com. 11th annual Team Lally client appreciation party. Tips of the week. Coming soon listings and Open Houses.
Who is Ray Hollowell?
Ray Hollowell is the Founder and the Managing Director of PlanSEA.org. Ray moved to Hawaii 20 years ago, and he made videos and photographs of water adventurers and surfers. He was inspired by the local surf photographers to enhance his skills and craft as a video-grapher/photographer. He then became an ocean adventure cameraman and TV producer. Ray's videos have been featured on a long list of national and international shows with all his features being aired on the following networks ABC's 20/20, CBS, NBC's Dateline, National Geographic, 60 Minutes Australia, The BBC, The Disney Channel, CNN, FOX, Animal Planet, MSNBC, MTV, ABC's Primetime, ESPN, HBO, The History Channel, The Learning Channel, Spike TV, Delta Airlines, Japan Airlines, TV Tokyo, Hawaiian Airlines, NHK and much more. Such an impressive line of features. Ray founded and launched PlanSEA.org in 2009. It is a non-profit 501(c)(3) video production company based in Honolulu, Hawaii. PlanSEA.orgcreates programming that educates children and adults about the importance of sustainability and stewardship of the planet with a focus on our oceans. Ray realized that our next generation needs to learn the importance of becoming good stewards of the marine environment. Ray is also a very close friend of Brooks Bowman one of Team Lally's Seller/Listing Agents. Ray and Brooks go way back and have been surfing buddies since the 1980s.
Email: ray@plansea.org
Mobile: 808-384-4447
Link: Facebook
Who is Patti Mitchell?
Patti Mitchell is PlanSEA.org's Chairman of the Board. After retiring from her career in public education she moved to Hawaii in January 2015. All Patti's life she has been a champion of children's welfare and the community. She has consistently volunteered in several organizations that support the youth in education and sports. Patti has two sons, the oldest is a United States Naval academy graduate and served as a Marine Corp officer, he now works for the Department of the Navy in Under Sea Warfare as a mechanical engineer. Patti's youngest son is graduate of U.C. Davis and is a firefighter for the City of Los Angeles, California. Living in Hawaii, Patti started volunteering for her grand children's elementary school, Navy Hale Keiki School, and the Fisher Houses of Tripler Army Medical. She is also an active member of the Waikiki Community Center, the Navy League of Hawaii and the Rotary Club of Waikiki Center where she met Ray Hollowell and became a dedicated advocate of PlanSEA.org. Patti is now committed to being part of PlanSEA's mission to educate people on the conditions of our oceans and how they can be a part of restoring a healthy marine environment through their My Beach Report programming. Patti is also passionate for the Sea of Inspiration programming which provides and documents ocean and air adventures for children and adults that have went through serious medical challenges.
Email: patti@plansea.org
Mobile: 559-908-5664
For more information on PlanSEA.org you can visit their website athttp://plansea.org/.
You can also reach out to Patti and Ray directly through their contact information we provided.
Here are video links from their programs.
PlanSEA.org Testimonials video: https://vimeo.com/163643518
PlanSEA TV for Children’s hospitals and schools etc. (HIGHLIGHTS): https://vimeo.com/136069808
DATELINE NBC segment on Ray’s near death experience at Pipeline:http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/28678306#28678306