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How Team Lally Went Above and Beyond in Every Way for Talitha

“It was excellent, they were so well organized, well connected. The relationship that they had that helped us finance is what actually ended up getting us into our home. Keli'i, who was our Realtor, he is absolutely wonderful. He kept a bright, positive attitude, it was a very challenging deal to close on. It was very, very hard. We were very pleased with everything. We were very thankful actually, very, very thankful. In this particular situation because it was such a challenge, basically everything that they had to do ended up going above and beyond. For example, we were pre-approved and had already done all the paperwork through one broker and the whole thing completely fell through. We had to redo every bit of paperwork, the sellers tried to pull from selling us the home. It was a miracle that we were able to get this and it was because of perseverance, some tears, prayer, at one point I totally freaked out. Keli'i, he was just wonderful. So anything you can imagine having to be done for this particular deal, they had to go above and beyond in every way you can imagine to make this work out.”