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Magin Patrick of Project Hawaii Joins Team Lally Radio Show

Joining the show in this episode is Magin Patrick, the Director of Project Hawai'i, Inc. In this episode we start by discussing the importance of having a security system for your office or home. Magin Patrick talks about what Project Hawaii is and how they help take care of the homeless kids in Hawaii. She talks about their vision for their non profit organization, when and why she decided to work with children.  She tackles the topic of the abusive environment a lot of these children wen through and how your donations can make a huge difference.

Also in this episode: Brandon Fraser of APN Alarm Company, and Keoni Ford to talk about a non profit organization.  We have tips of the week, Quotes of the day, this week's Open houses and Coming soon listings. 

Who is Magin Patrick?

Magin Patrick, the Director of Project Hawai'i, Inc. formerly known as the Christmas Wish Program. Along with co-founder Cliff Kama and their volunteers, Magin works throughout the year to provide life changing opportunities to the children living in extreme poverty situations. Providing interactive solutions that help the children to grow and break the cycle of homelessness within their own lives is one of their major goals.

To contact Magin Patrick you may visit http://www.helpthehomelesskeiki.org/

You can also reach her by email: projecthawaiiinc@yahoo.com

To donate visit: http://www.helpthehomelesskeiki.org/donate

To volunteer visit: http://www.helpthehomelesskeiki.org/volunteer-opportunities