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How Team Lally Impressed Nancy

“Well I went down to their office, and I went into a room and they showed me a little video and then out came the Realtor and talked to me and from that point on they just did a wonderful job. I was leaving Hawaii with a person that was in a wheelchair and it was very hard to do it all but they just helped me immensely. You know with somebody in a wheelchair it was hard going, and I had to ship my dogs and cat over and left the house in a mess. But they got it all clean and he was there when the painters came and when the carpet company came and when the cleaners came and he supervised everything so my house sparkled. Working with Team Lally was a first. You know I’ve sold other houses and bought houses, [but] when they first saw me they asked, “What’s your opinion of a Realtor?” And I said, “They don’t do much for their money.” But they did a lot for their money this time, I was very impressed."