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Why Wes Says Team Lally Went Above and Beyond Every Day

“I didn’t really know anything about Team Lally. I was referred to Team Lally through an agent in Utah because I took a job here and was moving. Knew nobody here, didn’t even know the island and that’s how I was introduced to Team Lally. Well my agent Mike pretty much [went above and beyond] every day, because I think I’m pretty demanding, pretty detail oriented, and I like to do a lot of research on what I’m buying. If it’s a good buy and of course if it’s a safe buy or a good investment or if there’s issues. We went through the first property and the home inspection brought up some items that I had a concern. We went back and forth and I actually ended up going to another property. So everything worked out for the best, the second property was obviously the better purchase for us and it just seemed to work out right. But Mike was constantly available, every time we needed him he was there. Well I think the fact that the continual contact and support even after the purchase I think that’s kind of nice to know that it wasn’t just a transaction, it wasn’t just money exchanged. Me and Mike actually have become friends and we continue to talk and I continue to hear from Team Lally and they offer counseling and even possibly a career, but constant communication.”