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Team Lally Show With Keoni Ford

Joining Team Lally in this episode is Keoni Ford the President and CEO of DIBS Hawaii, Dry Ice Blasting Service. Keoni tells us about his background, growing up in Hawaii. 

He talks about what DIBS Hawaii is and how he got started in the business.  He then goes on to discuss what Dry-Ice Blasting is how it works and how it has been adopted in manufacturing being a fairly new innovative technology.

Keoni gives advice to future entrepreneurs, about having the right mindset and how to deal with any negative experiences in business.  He also talks about how the business has succeded and how their focus is on the type of clients they have and the expertise they have gained.

Also in this episode: Quotes of the day, Tips of the week, special events, this week's Open houses and Coming soon listings.

Who is Keoni Ford?

Keoni Ford is the President and CEO of DIBS Hawaii, Dry Ice Blasting Service. He hailed from Waianae. He is known to be  a man of strong entrepreneurial skills in business and strategic planning.

He will be sharing with us the amazing story behind the company’s success and the advanced innovation technology that empowers the company to provide the best environmental cleaning solutions in the facilities services industry.

To reach Keoni you may contact him in the following ways:

Phone: (808) 554-9247
Email: Kford@Dibshawaii.Com
Website: http://www.dibshawaii.com/