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Hawaiian Treats with Keanue Kekaula

Our featured guest in this episode of the show is Keanue Kekaula owns and operates Pomai Kulolo.  Keanue talks about growing up in the heart of Kalihi.

He then tells us the story of how Pomai Kulolo started.  We also talk about what goes on behind the scenes in making and selling Hawaiian food and where to go to try out the delicious treats from Pomai Kulolo.

Also in this episode: Quotes of the day, Tips of the week, special events, this week's Open houses and Coming soon listings.

Who is Keanue Kekaula?

Keanue Kekaula owns and operates Pomai Kulolo. Originally started in 2008, he used a family recipe to begin making his “kulolo” and sold it roadside at various locations throughout the island. 

Seeing the great response to his kulolo, and other offerings such as haupia and his own creation, haulolo, he decided to take his business to a higher level and began selling in farmer’s markets throughout Oahu.

Here today to talk more about Pomai Kulolo and what makes it such a big hit in our local community, let’s welcome our guest, .

To reach Keanue you may contact him in the following ways:

Email: keanue@pomaikulolo.com
Website: pomaikulolo.com
LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/keanue-kekaula-49a89884/