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Body Language Boss with RB Kelly

Joining Team Lally in this episode is RB Kelly of Body Language Boss.  RB tells the story of being born and raised in Utah, how she met her husband and what brought them to Hawaii.  She goes on to tell us the importance of our body language and how to read and understand these cues.

She talks about the process involved in patterns to look for when reading someone's body language.  We also discuss some of Body Language Boss's programs, where RB talks about how you can use these skills to build genuine rapport with people, using science-based principles will help you earn the respect, recognition, and business.

Also in this episode: Quotes of the day, Tips of the week, special events, this week's Open houses and Coming soon listings.

Who is RB Kelly?

RB Kelly is a Corporate trainer, Keynote Speaker & Personal Coach from Body Language Boss. At Body Language Boss, they believe that changing your body language using science-based principles will help you earn the respect, recognition, and business that you deserve and give you the competitive advantage you need in Hawaii to thrive and take care of your ohana.

To reach RB you may contact her in the following ways:

Email: rb@bodylanguageboss.com
Website: https://www.bodylanguageboss.com/