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Honolulu Cryotherapy with Eric Day

This week on the Team Lally Radio show, our special guest is Eric Day, the owner of Honolulu Cryotherapy. Eric tells us about growing up in Boston Massachusetts and ending up in Hawaii. He explains what cryotherapy is, the process behind it and it's many applications. Eric goes into the benefits of cryotherapy as it relates to exercise and sports.

Eric also talks about who should and shouldn't use Cryotherapy, as well as some of the most common questions asked about this  technology.

Also in this episode: Quotes of the day, Tips of the week, special events, this week's Open houses and Coming soon listings.

Who is Eric Day?

Eric Day is the owner of Honolulu Cryotherapy. Honolulu Cryotherapy presents the Ultra Recovery Lab offering the best in sports recovery and pain management. They have a range of services available for everyone's recovery needs, from high level athletes to weekend warriors. Eric day is also a Home Loan Specialist from Kama'aina Mortgage Group

To reach Eric you may contact him in the following ways:

Phone: (808) 561-4734
Email: honolulucryotherapy@gmail.com
Website: http://honolulucryotherapy.com/