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Clean Energy and Powur with Jim Bunch

Our featured guest in this episode of the Team Lally Radio show is Jim Bunch, the Co-Founder and President at Powur.  Jim tells the story of growing up in Florida, attending University of Florida thinking he was going to be a doctor, but went on a different path.

He talks about how he started his career with a nutrition company and how that built the foundation for his entrepreneurial roots. Jim tells us about his time working with Tony Robbins and how that has impacted his path to success.

We talk about how Jim's work on in advancing and educating people about Environmental Sustainability and Clean Energy led to start of Powur. Jim also discusses what technologies are going to shift the game of life and business. Jim gives us a glimpse of his big vision for the future.

Also in this episode: Quotes of the day, Tips of the week, special events, this week's Open houses and Coming soon listings.

Who is Jim Bunch?

Jim Bunch is the Co-Founder and President at Powur, the first clean energy technology platform that is disrupting and decentralizing the way the world uses energy. He grew up in Florida, has lived in both Canada and sunny San Diego and attended the University of Florida.

As a leader in advancing and educating people about Environmental Sustainability and Clean Energy, he has founded several organizations such as Ultimate Game of Life and Powur, while helping startup and grow Bamboo.com.

To reach Jim you may contact him/her in the following ways: 

Phone: 888-335-3880, 480 626 7056
Email: support@JimBunch.com
Website: https://powur.com/, http://www.jimbunch.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PowurPBC/