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Q: How Should You Prepare Your Home for Sale?

Preparing your home for sale isn’t hard if you know where to start!

When it comes to preparing your home for market, there are three tried-and-true tips to follow: 

1. Clean. Leave no area unscrubbed; when you think you’ve finished cleaning, clean some more! 

2. Declutter. Here’s a general rule of thumb to remember: Look in every room and eliminate about one-third of the items in there. 

3. Depersonalize. Imagine you’re a huge fan of a particular team. If you leave up all of your fan merchandise and memorabilia, it could distract a buyer whose favorite team happens to be your team’s rival. You never want to offend or distract potential buyers by broadcasting your personal interests; let the house speak for itself. 

Hopefully, these three simple tips can get you started on the right path. If you have any questions on this or any other real estate-related topic, feel free to reach out to us via phone or email. Don’t forget to listen to the Team Lally Radio Show every Saturday on AM830!