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Abdominal Care in Honolulu with Dr. Anand Patel

This week on the Team Lally Real Estate Radio Show, we interview Dr. Anand Patel. We’ll talk about the innovative and unique approach to care provided by his team at Aloha Surgical Care. We also have your favorite experts providing this week's tips on property management, mortgage loans, home inspection and home insurance! Who is Dr. Anand Patel? Dr. Anand Patel is a highly skilled and respected gastrointestinal and endoscopic surgeon practicing at Aloha Surgical Care located in Oahu, Hawaii. At his private practice, he offers innovative care for issues affecting the gastrointestinal tract and abdomen to improve the lives of his patients. In 2000, Dr. Patel earned his Doctor of Medicine at Ross University in Portsmouth, Dominica. He then went on to complete general surgery residencies at Western Reserve Care System and the Cleveland Clinic Health System, both located in Ohio. To reach Dr. Patel you may contact him in the following ways: Phone: (808) 207-5044 Email: aloha.surgical@gmail.com Website: https://www.aloha-surgical.com/ To get the latest Covid-19 information and its impact on the current real estate market, visit https://www.teamlally.com/covid19/