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Coral Crater Adventure Park with Mike Bermea

Get ready for this week's Team Lally Real Estate Radio Show with our guest Mike Bermea, Manager of Coral Crater Adventure Park. He’ll talk about all the activities that Coral Crater Adventure Park has to offer.

We also have your favorite experts providing this week's tips on property management, mortgage loans, home inspection and home insurance!

Who is Mike Bermea?

Mike Bermea is originally from Illinois, and was stationed in Hawaii in 2011 by the Airforce as a weather forecaster. After the Air Force, he studied business at the University of Hawaii - West Oahu and worked in sales for some time.

He later decided to take a full time management position at the Coral Crater Adventure Park and has been working on park improvements ever since.

To reach Mike you may contact him/her in the following ways:

Phone: 808-626-5773
Email: mike@coralcrater.com
Website: https://coralcrater.com/
Social media: https://www.facebook.com/coralcrater

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