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This week on the Team Lally Real Estate Radio Show, we interview Laurel Starks, Founder & CEO of The Ilumni Institute, who will talk about the best way to handle real estate during a divorce.

We also have your favorite experts providing this week's tips on property management, mortgage loans, home inspection and home insurance!

Who is Laurel Starks?

Laurel Starks is the Founder & CEO of The Ilumni Institute. She is a recognized court-appointed expert and trained neutral in family law cases involving real estate matters. Her focus on divorce-related real estate has led to over $200 million in sales volume throughout Southern California. She is often regarded by her peers as the pioneer of the divorce real estate niche and is a national speaker on topics pertaining to real estate in family law.

To reach Laurel you may contact her in the following ways:

Phone:  (909) 460-0900
Email:  Laurel@ilumniinstitute.com
Website:  https://ilumniinstitute.com/
Social media:  https://www.facebook.com/TheIlumniInstitute/

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