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Mentoring the Youth of Hawaii with Tamafaiga Tuiteleleapaga

This week on the Team Lally Real Estate Radio Show, we interview Tamafaiga Tuiteleleapaga of the Hawaii Youth Challenge Academy. We’ll talk about how their program helps mentor our youth to become productive citizens in America’s future.

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Who is Tamafaiga Tuiteleleapaga?

Tamafaiga Tuiteleleapaga is the Deputy Director of the Hawaii Youth Challenge Academy. The Hawaii Youth Challenge Academy focuses on training Cadets to be successful members of society through the use of an Eight Core Component framework. The Eight Core Components of the intervention model focuses on the holistic development of the Cadet. Deliberate experiential learning and training at the Academy are, therefore, created with these Eight Core Components as their foundation.

To reach Tamafaiga you may contact him in the following ways:

Phone: 808-673-7530
Email: teroa.a.paselio@hawaii.gov
Website: https://dod.hawaii.gov/yca/
Social media: https://www.facebook.com/youthchallengeoahu

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